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Garlic Messiah (aka Coxx, aka Garlique, aka Mike) is a long time member of KOR. A senior team member, he fulfills the role of Pre-Millenial References for KOR. Garlic, due perhaps in part to his H5 Service Tag COXX, is a notorious purveyor of puns and other ridiculous double entendres (i.e., "Do you need some COXX in there"; i.e. "COXX is shooting blanks" etc), and thus is often prone to Dad jokes ("That's what she said"). One of KoR's biggest proponents of SWAT game types (See also: schwatschwatschwat). Revealing his pre-millienial roots, it has been verified that he has actually fallen asleep during gameplay of live H5 matches; this has happened at least twice. Also enjoys ketchup chips, and the loud chewing of them into the microphone so that others might share enjoyment the same culinary delight.