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A founding member of KoR, HuskymanX (aka Peta, aka Manx) has been orchestrating collegial forays into user testing for over 12 years. Beginning with Halo:Combat Evolved (Hang 'em High map) but arguably peaking in H3 with the Guardian map, Manx has provided professional blessing and ex-officio support of the group, which eventually evolved into KoR. Deeply resistant to change, Manx remained fixated on H3 for years past its release, choosing to summarily ignore Halo: Reach, Halo: ODST, and Halo 4. Eventually convinced to adopt H5, Manx continued his role as Senior Director of Fairness, typically being the first to complain in the lobby if he disapproves of how even the teams are. Should a condition of inequity continue, this may lead to the angst of Manx, wherein Manx expresses his disbelief that opponents did not in fact die in the hail of bullets just sent their way. Should this disbelief escalate, it's possible Manx falls silent, leading almost inevitably to a rage-quit. Though no official stats are kept on this data point, many believe Manx holds the all time record for rage quits in a career.

All of this remains in a start contrast to Manx's unwelcome, occasionally seen alter ego, Nice Husky. Nice Husky is uncharacteristically cheerful, often making overt, over the top offers of encouragement and praise for his teammates and even opponents. This has been known to continue until all members of the party suffer a severe case of the willies, and are forced to mute him or quit altogether. Whether this alter ego represents some kind of psychological break, or is simply next-level evolutionary trolling is anyone's guess.