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Jorbs is a slang term that combines two other old school memes. The term is invoked during H5 matches that lend themselves towards specialization, such as Big Team Battle maps with vehicles. Maps with vehicles are often symmetric, with both teams having the same number of vehicles. If vehicles spawning near one team's base are stolen by the other team, for example, a player might state "they took our jorbs!", indicating they'd just lost the opportunity to leverage their specialized skill and devolve the match into vehicle pron. The term was originally coined in the web series Homestar Runner ( A similar meme emerged from South Park, with a different pronunciation, but more emphasis on outrage around having lost an opportunity to do work they deserved or enjoyed ( Eventually, both were bastardized and merged into jorbs. Common usage example might be "we lost our Wasp to the Reds. They took our jorbs!" Ironically, as both are pre-millennial references, roughly half of the players are completely unaware of its old timey meme origins, and simply assume that when they hear it, its just Grimm speaking strangely.