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PDGwHOF is a more recent addition to KoR, and never realized that one's gamertag should be easily spoken during gameplay. An acronym for Phillip David Gardner With Hand Over Fist, this has been shortened in several different variants to the amusement of other members. The most popular pronunciation is fhqwhgads, yet another pre-millenial reference to the flash web cartoon Homestar Runner. Other popular interpretations include peej (Like Deej from Full(er) House), or pee-dij-WOOF. Strangely, no interpretations of this gamertag have expressed the hard-Wh sound. PDGwHOF has taken special interest in the "Fast and Furious" stat seen below, and likes to claim that he is living proof "old" guys can improve their skill over time. fhqwhgads is working on improving splatters, ghost and gungoose kills, however he is usually on top of death stats even with his improvements in KDA.

Quote "Don't drink and drive unless its HALO!!"