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Bear hates this game and only plays it because these other clowns do, and that is what makes it fun for him. Bear has the explicit job of controlling the lasers and limiting the amount of times he dies in a match. His success at the first largely deterimines his success at the second. Bear's secret attack (don't tell the others) is manning the back of the Gungoose and spamming grenades toward the enemy (known as carpooling). Bear thinks everybody has a different definition of Hot Gates, so when Grimm complains nobody is helping, that's why. His teammates are just at different Hot Gates.

Bear is also having a hell of a time figuring out this web editing/formatting. He would much rather do this in Powershell. Bear is also incapable of NOT speaking about himself in the third person.

Also known as:
Beeeaaaaaaaarrrrr (A reference to GarlicMessiah's Dog)
Bear Belly
Belly Bear
Aitch Zero El Dee My Bear (A reference to text-to-speech conversations in the Minecraft Realm Fika)